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Clean Lean Protein - Just Natural

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Clean Lean Protein is protein in its purest form - It's all natural, 100% vegetable and allergen free. 

Clean Lean Protein is the ideal protein supplement to support an active lifestyle and good nutrition. Ideal for those wanting to look, feel and perform at their best.

High protein content (Up To 90%) - 5 times higher than meat, chicken or fish

All natural - free from additives, preservatives and artificial flavours

100% vegetable - it's the world's highest source of vegetable protein

It's a complete protein - contains all 9 essential amino acids plus many more

Suitable for everyone - ideal for all the family and suitable for vegans, paleos, celiacs, children and athletes

High in glutamine - an amino acid important for post exercise recovery and prevention of muscle loss

Very low in fat and carbohydrates - yet helps you feel full for longer

Easy to digest and absorb - 98% digestibility rating

It's alkaline (PH 7.8) - helps the acid/alkaline balance so important for good health - may help athletes combat excessive lactic acid

Available in 5 great tasting flavours - Just Natural, Smooth Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Wild Strawberry and Creamy Cappuccino

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